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Paul London recently sat down with to talk about his rise within the SmackDown! ranks. Like many other individuals, capturing the WWE Tag Team Championship was a dream of his. However, this dream was one that was inspired by a sibling. Paul London had an older brother, Daniel, who shared the dream of one day becoming a WWE Tag Team Champion. However in 1996, a tragic collision caused by a drunk driver killed Daniel and his girlfriend. Paul pressed on, knowing in his heart that his brother would want to see him reach great heights in his career in sports-entertainment. After finally realizing his dream, Paul told that he dedicates all his career accomplishments to Daniel, a great brother and true friend who was there for him, encouraging him to achieve his aspirations and goals.

He is very close to my heart. Always. My oldest brother, Daniel and I were three years apart, and had a lot of things in common. We would dream that we would be tag champions one day. He died in 1996. I was 16; he and his girlfriend were killed by a drunk driver. I was like, Im not going to quit. He would have wanted to see me push on and succeed to get to this spot in my life. Winning the WWE Tag Team Championship is something I have dedicated to him, we were close and its because he always believed in me. My brother really made me feel that I can do this. I miss him every day. Everything I have accomplished I have attributed to my brother, we were very close, and he was always there for me.

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Paul London dedicates his WWE Tag Team Championship victory to his deceased brother. Click here.


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