Coming home to a passion
by Michael Dworkis

In 2001, Trish Stratus was sidelined with an ankle injury that kept her out of action for a little over three months. During this time away from the ring, she spent many hours on designing her first home.

Three years later, Trish is now working on a new home in Toronto.

“The luxury of having three months (back in 2001) off was good for me to be able to plan out my home,” Trish says. “But compared to being back in the ring now, I never realized the luxury of being able to design my home in those three months off.”

Although she is back on the road traveling three or four days a week, she still makes time to enjoy her love of interior design, a hobby she continues to develop while on the schedule of a WWE Diva. Trish says it was like when she was becoming a WWE Superstar, she learned everything she could, absorbing as much as she can and then dove right in. Trish did the same thing with the field of interior design. She pursued the interest, and now she is finding the benefits of designing a custom house.

“By building a custom home, I could add things that suited my lifestyle and needs. For example, training and working out regularly in the gym is an everyday part of my life. To ease my travel, I had a gym built in my home. I’m constantly living out of a suitcase. I converted a room into a closet to help me organize my clothing and gear together, to lessen the hassle of packing and unpacking everything into different spaces.”

Trish admits to being hooked on shows like Trading Spaces and other home decorating programs on the TLC and HGTV channels, as well as reading home design magazines like Architectural Digest and Florida Design. She likes to bring out her personality in what she creates, using concepts from the magazines and television programs.

“I think my design is a reflection of my personality. I find I can walk into a room and visualize certain aspects that can suit my needs. I get inspired by magazines, using some ideas from there and put my own personality in. The design shows I watch give me a lot of ideas. I have such an urge to make my own things now.”

When she had taken time off to heal her injury, Trish had plenty of time to work on her custom house. Due to her hectic schedule of travel, Trish realizes that the activity of home design can become very time consuming.

“Everything is in the process of being settled right now. Whenever I'm home, that’s what I’m working on.

I keep a pen and paper by my bed always or with me on the plane, because you never know when I’ll come up with an idea. I have designs, promos and new moves I’m working on all on the same page!”

Trish is constantly coming up with new ideas for her custom house. She has decided on designing a new feature that was not in her first home: a space to be set up for her favorite collection since childhood: Barbie dolls.

“I have a huge Barbie collection. In my original house I just had them organized on the shelves. This time I am taking a section of my basement and I plan on trying to make a custom unit to display my expanding Barbie collection, due to the fact that the fans have sent me some gorgeous Barbie dolls that I would love to display. I want to shout out to my fans: Thank you so much!”

In addition to the Barbie doll collection that will be displayed, Trish is working on a space to set up a display of over 150 wrestling figures that she has spent many years collecting, which you can see on the Trish Stratus 100% Stratusfaction DVD.

If that isn’t enough, the bar that will also be installed will have an added glass shelf for Trish to display the many shotglasses she has collected from the various places she has traveled to for photo shoots, and events in the states and overseas.

As the number of places Trish visits increase, so does the size of her shot glass collection. She had this display in her first home, but will be expanded for the bar in her new project.

“The luxury of having three months (back in 2001) off was good for me to be able to plan out my home,” Trish says. “But compared to being back in the ring now, I never realized the luxury of being able to design my home in those three months off.”

Many of her friends come to Trish to ask for her expertise on spicing up their living space. After her days of active competition are over, one may think that with her passion of home design being as great as her passion for the sports-entertainment business, Trish may end up hosting her very own home design program.

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